Revamp your wardrobe with a wardrobe audit!

How many of us open our wardrobes and look inside and can never find a thing to wear?


We pull something out and cannot find a single thing to go with it?  So we revert back to our fail safe solution – basic black.

Packing to go away is also a nightmare.  We have either too many tops or too many bottoms.  Once again, no coordination!

The 80 /20 rule applies to our wardrobes  -  we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  Have you ever added up how much wasted money is just hanging there?

Your wardrobe should reflect the life you lead – you should have enough clothes for every part of your life in those proportions.

An updated modern image equates with updated modern ideas.

In the revamp of your wardrobe  we will carry out a life-style analysis to ensure that your clothing requirements always meet your needs. 

Rediscover hidden gems

·       Reassess valuable clothing items that flatter your shape and colouring

·       Decide what is still current and fashionable

·       What can be updated to today’s fashion?

·       Coordinate clothing modules

·       Learn new and exciting ways to combine your clothes

In a revamp your wardrobe session together we  create a ‘need to purchase’ list of clothes to fill in the gaps so you will fully utilise every garment in your closet.

This session includes tips on accessorising and harmonising your outfits including underwear, shoes, belts, bags and jewellery. If necessary the new modules can be colour coded or photographed.