How many of us go clothes shopping with a list?

Do you go shopping for something specific or do you wander around aimlessly with no idea what you are going to buy, expecting something fantastic to jump out at you?

A personal shopping session teaches you how to shop professionally and effectively.  You will learn to buy the most suitable garments for you.  No more wasted money or wasted time.

My  objective is to show you how to purchase pieces that become the basis of a fantastic wardrobe that reflects your style, your shape, your form, your personality, in your own colour palette and is up to date and fashionable.

The outcomes of this shopping trip are clothing modules for every aspect of your life.   At the end of this session you will:

·       Buy clothes that suit you and make you feel fantastic.

·       Buy clothes that provide support for the way you live your life.

·       Save money in the future with new clothes that will compliment and extend your existing wardrobe.

·       You will create a closet of beautiful garments that you love to wear

No more costly mistakes!