Becoming an Image Consultant

Are you interested in helping other people learn the skills, tips and techniques to become more confident and happier with their appearance?

Image Consultants work in a variety of industries and businesses.  These include everything from hairdressing, to opticians, bridal, plus size, corporate workshops, etiquette specialists, fashion design, personal shoppers, wardrobe makeover artists, makeup artists and stylists.  You may choose one stream, or a variety.

Many people become image consultants to help them improve on existing skills for their current position.  Other want to be the masters of their destiny and run an image consulting business – the choice is yours. Image consulting is about empowering people with knowledge and raising self-esteem.  

Holistic Training

Our Image Consultant Training is developed with the whole client in mind. We do not measure clients, but teach you how to analyse body shapes with your eyes and other simple, non-invasive techniques.

We believe that understanding the clients goals, needs and preferred outcomes is imperative and take a holistic approach, the client’s image is an expression of who they are on the inside, not just which hemlines or necklines work best for them. We teach you how to demonstrate to your client how to break the rules and illustrate by understanding the client’s personality how this can be expressed through the styles of clothes they choose.

We take a very ‘hands on’ approach during the training, it’s not just book learning but practical exercises and experiences to ensure you feel confident to work with clients immediately. We provide you with a range of tools to use with your clients, but don’t lock you into expensive ongoing fees; you only pay for what you use. You have the opportunity with this system to brand your image tools with your business image, your logo, your slogan and details.


Colour Training

Our colour training is based on the science of Munsell’s properties of colour. You are guaranteed to find a palette of colours to suit your client with this system as it has far more options than any seasonal or seasonal flow system. Our training is very experiential, giving you opportunities to work with people during the course and so gain the confidence to work with clients.  We do a lot of practical work in the colour training / painting/working with materials/ working with clothes and clients in the shops

Components of the Course

·      Colour theory and the development of personal colour analysis

·      The science of colour

·      Understanding the colour wheel

·      Colour psychology and  the  effects of colour  on the mind

·      Cool/warm seasonal and tonal colour theories

·      Personal colour analysis - learn how to use the universal colour system of 12 colour directions by draping live models

·      Consultants own colour analysis

·      Find your clients signature colours/contrast levels

·      Teach your client to talk to a hairdresser

·      Colour and fabric

·      Using colour and illusion when dressing your clients