“Image is everything about you, how you look, speak and behave. Your image is your personal advertisement, promoting who you are, what you are capable of, your level of authority and what you expect for your self out of life. This impression plays a major role in determining how successful you can be in both your personal life and your career. Style, dress sense and self assurance can be acquired skills. With coaching I help my clients project an image that is unique, professional and authentic to them: that will support them, build self esteem and empower them to live a positive, purposeful, passionate life.”


Your Colours

Do you know your unique colour palette?

Do you know your unique colour palette?

Why is Colour So Important  

Colour has impact, it makes an instant impression.

A professional colour analysis will determine the most flattering range of colours to enhance your natural colouring and project a positive vibrant image.

Wearing your unique palette of colours will:

  • Improve your appearance
  • Reduce the effect of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Make you feel and look younge
  • ive you an air of capability and confidence

The Benefits of a Colour Consultation

Knowing your correct colours is an investment in your future wardrobe and an investment in you. All your clothes will be in shades that will flatter you and your wardrobe will be colour coordinated.

I use one of the most advanced systems in Australasia which includes colour groups that do not exist in other systems.

As we get older, our colouring fades a little and we find that we can no longer wear some of the colours we use to wear when we were younger.  If you had your colours done in the past, this may have changed and you should have them re-done

You will discover the personality indicators of the colours you wear, and how you can use colour combinations to your advantage.

 What a colour consultation entails:

  • You will be professionally draped to determine your best  range of colours in their depths and intensities.
  • You will receive a fully individualized colour profile with advice on how to put it all together.
  • You will learn  how to form your wardrobe basics using your best neutral colours and how to dress using colour to your advantage
  • Your personalised colour swatch has over 60  of your very best colours. You will be shown how to use this correctly when shopping.
  • You get a  full make-up lesson and application techniques in your new colours with skin care advice including grooming tips and hair colouring advice
  • You will learn how to use the  psychology of colour in your dressing
  • Your file contains comprehensive information on your best metals, eye  glass colours, accessories, investment pieces, how to colour your hair, levels of contrast and ways to use colour in your dress to the best effect.


Your Style


Every one of us has an individual dressing style that is unique.  When dressed in this way you express yourself as whom you really are.

Has your body shape changed over the years?

Do you struggle to find clothes that you feel really happy wearing? 

Very few of us look in the mirror and love everything about our bodies.  Most of us have things that we would like to change.  There are ways of dressing to highlight your best features and gloss over what you may perceive as a body flaw?

A Styled by Design Consultation gives you the confidence to become your own stylist.

  • no more costly mistakes
  • gain confidence in your clothing choices
  • dress to flatter your figure
  • have a wardrobe of clothes you love to wear

What A Styled by Design Session entails:

This session takes 3-4 hours. I teach you how to dress to suit your life style, dressing style, shape, scale and body proportions. Each client will receive a personalised full colour style profile covering all aspects of their wardrobe requirements.

Your Style File will contain information on:

·       your body shape, line and proportions
·       how to use design features to highlight or hide
·       lifestyle analysis
·       personality analysis / defining your individual style
·       face shape / Balance points
·       hairstyles and glasses choice
·       accessorize for your shape and style with shoes, jewellery and handbags perfect for you
·        How to bring an individual flair to your work uniform
·       clothes to accentuate your best features

My objective: I want you to feel and look fabulous wearing every garment in your wardrobe.

Your Wardrobe and Shopping


Revamp your wardrobe with a wardrobe audit

How many of us open our wardrobes and look inside and can never find a thing to wear?
We pull something out and cannot find a single thing to go with it?  So we revert back to our fail safe solution – basic black.

Packing to go away is also a nightmare.  We have either too many tops or too many bottoms.  Once again, no coordination!

The 80 /20 rule applies to our wardrobes  -  we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  Have you ever added up how much wasted money is just hanging there?

Your wardrobe should reflect the life you lead – you should have enough clothes for every part of your life in those proportions.

An updated modern image equates with updated modern ideas.

In the revamp of your wardrobe  we will carry out a life-style analysis to ensure that your clothing requirements always meet your needs. 

Rediscover hidden gems

·       Reassess valuable clothing items that flatter your shape and colouring
·       Decide what is still current and fashionable
·       What can be updated to today’s fashion?
·       Coordinate clothing modules
·       Learn new and exciting ways to combine your clothes

In a revamp your wardrobe session together we  create a ‘need to purchase’ list of clothes to fill in the gaps so you will fully utilise every garment in your closet.

This session includes tips on accessorising and harmonising your outfits including underwear, shoes, belts, bags and jewellery. If necessary the new modules can be colour coded or photographed.

Effective Shopping

How many of us go clothes shopping with a list?

Do you go shopping for something specific or do you wander around aimlessly with no idea what you are going to buy, expecting something fantastic to jump out at you?

A personal shopping session teaches you how to shop professionally and effectively.  You will learn to buy the most suitable garments for you.  No more wasted money or wasted time.

My  objective is to show you how to purchase pieces that become the basis of a fantastic wardrobe that reflects your style, your shape, your form, your personality, in your own colour palette and is up to date and fashionable.

The outcomes of this shopping trip are clothing modules for every aspect of your life.
·       At the end of this session you will:
·       Buy clothes that suit you and make you feel fantastic.
·       Buy clothes that provide support for the way you live your life.
·       Save money in the future with new clothes that will compliment and extend your existing wardrobe.
·       You will create a closet of beautiful garments that you love to wear


We’re all unique.

Each one of us has a design pattern, a body signature  that is recognisable

Contact me for a consultation:

Email:        jan@imagecoach.co.nz

Phone:       027 472 8391