The Descriptive Colour System

The  swatch system is called the descriptive colour system and  is based on Albert Munsell’s colour notation system. This identifies colours by their three characteristics: Hue, Value and Chroma. We use these to categorize and classify our 12 colour groupings, giving each group a dominant and then a secondary characteristic.

Each swatch is made up of approximately 60 colours consisting of light and dark neutrals light coordinates and secondary or highlight colours. Universal colours are also identified.  On the back of each colour chip there is  information regarding its wardrobe role, its image projection and its colour name. The  colours are all laminated with a 22 micron matt film. This means they can be wiped if anything is spilt on them or they become marked. The back and front covers are also laminated with a heavier 75 gloss laminate for longevity and protection and are different colours for easy identification. The inside 2 pages of each swatch have information pertaining to that colour grouping. The swatches  all come complete in a colour wheel formation. There is the option to customise a swatch for your client if you wish to.

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