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Styled by Design • Your Personal Style Solution

Has your body shape changed over the years?

Do you struggle to find clothes that you feel really happy wearing?
Very few of us look in the mirror and love everything about our bodies. Most of us have things that we would like to change. There are ways of dressing to highlight your best features and gloss over what you may perceive as a body flaw.

Do you know your dressing personality?

Every one of us has an individual dressing style that is unique.  When dressed in this way you express yourself as who you really are.

A Styled by Design Consultation gives you the confidence to become your own stylist.

  • no more costly mistakes
  • gain confidence in your clothing choices
  • learn how dress to flatter your figure

What A Styled by Design Session entails;
This session takes 3.5 – 4 hours. I teach you how to dress to suit your life style, dressing style, shape, scale and body proportions. Each client will receive a personalised full colour style profile covering every aspect of their wardrobe requirements.
Your Style File will contain information on;

  • your body shape, line and proportions
  • how to use design features to highlight or hide
  • lifestyle analysis
  • personality analysis / defining your individual style
  • face shape / balance points
  • hairstyles and glasses choice
  • accessorize for your shape and style with shoes, jewellery and handbags perfect for you
  • How to bring an individual flair to your work uniform
  • clothes to accentuate your best features

My objective: I want you to look and feel fabulous wearing every garment in your wardrobe.

Time: Allow 3.5  – 4 Hours

Your investment in you: $395 (GST inclusive)

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