Image Management

Image management is about managing the A B C of your image, appearance, behaviour and communication.

Image Management is about making choices.  These choices include choosing to wear the right sort of clothes that not only show you in your best light in terms of the correct colour, shape and style for your body, but are also appropriate for your job and your day.

It means choosing whether or not to polish your shoes, wash and brush your hair, shower every day and clean your teeth. Making sure that your clothes are fashionable  and up to date, well fitting and clean and pressed is another choice that  will have a profound effect on your prospects for a future career, or a future relationship.

How we speak, how much slang we incorporate into our speech, how we sit and stand, our level of consideration and respect for others – all of these factors can either help or hinder us in getting to where we want to in our lives.

Inattention to these details can let you down in really important events, such as job interviews, meetings, presentations, first dates or how you are treated at the corner shop. Changing your image can change your life.

Choosing to get an image consultant to assist you with these changes is a great first step. I would love to map out a plan for you over a coffee.This is a free 30 minute session.

Why Change your Image

  • To increase your confidence
  • To make you feel happier
  • Start a new career direction
  • Begin a new life focus
  • To improve relationships

Make a choice for  a better future 

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