How you are

What is the image you have of yourself inside your head?

This self image is formed by the things that have happened to you in the past and how you have dealt with them. What we view as our successes or failures builds up our levels of self esteem.

What ever you feel about yourself at this point in time, is apparent in the way you talk, move, your posture, the way you speak and the way you dress.

The good news is whether your self image is positive or negative, you can change this right now.

Developing a better self image.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are you – concentrate on being the best you, you can possibly be. Stop trying to please everybody. The key word here is everybody. When we need to reinforce how we feel about ourselves or our actions by seeking approval from others, then we have no feelings of self worth at all. Do not base how you feel about your self on some one else’s opinion or approval. Take responsibility for all of your actions. In doing this you will take control of your life. Stop blaming other people for the things that have happened to you.
Always expect a positive outcome.

Remember anything is possible – it is just a question of how! The only thing that limits you is you

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