Corporate Branding

Your image has direct bearing on your level of success in the market place. First impressions are vital. People form an opinion of you within in the first few seconds of meeting you and that first impression can last a lifetime. A great image will go along way in creating a memorable personal brand.

Studies by social psychologist Albert Mehrabian show that 93% of a first impression is based on our appearance and behaviour; they are the most important signals in an initial contact. People judge us by how we look; they take into account our standards of dress and our level of grooming and make assumptions about us  based on that first impression.
The clothes we wear and how we wear them can either enhance or diminish us. They have an effect on how we see ourselves and the view others have of us. This has a direct impact on what we can experience or expect out of life.

Why  bother to develop  a great image, a  personal brand?

  • Developing a great image is one of the best tools to sell yourself
  • We believe what we see
  • People will to do business with you based on how you look
  • People do business with people they like
  • A great image helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Looking good is good for you
  • A current up to date image = current up to date thinking

The signals your image sends out ……

  • Your competence:  What are your skills, talent and qualifications?
  • Your credibility:  Do you look and sound like you can do the job?
  • Your control:  Can you cope with the ups and downs of daily life?
  • Your confidence:  Do you believe in yourself?  Does it show in the way you walk, talk, stand and dress?
  • Your consistency:  Is everything about you supported by your image?

In this current  environment you need to stand out from the rest……….

Do you need to reassess your image ?

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