Colour Analysis

Why is Colour So Important 
Colour has impact, it makes an instant impression. A professional colour analysis carried out  by a qualified image consultant will determine the most flattering range of colours for you to wear. These will enhance your natural colouring and project a positive vibrant image.

 Each one of us has a set of colours , unique to our colouring, that  will:

  • Improve your appearance
  • Reduce the effect of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Make you feel and look younger
  • Give you an air of capability and confidence

The Benefits of a Colour Consultation 
Knowing your correct colours is an investment in your future wardrobe. All your clothes will be in wonderful, flattering colours and they all go together. You will learn how to put together a capsule of clothes you love to wear. I use the descriptive colour system which I have developed and had produced in New Zealand. This system extends you from a seasonal approach and concentrates on your dominant charasteristics. We look at you as an individual and do not try and fit you into a box.

As we get older, our colouring fades a little and we find that some colours no longer suit us like they did when we were younger. If you had your colours done over ten years ago you may need to have them re-done.
In a colour session you will discover the personality indicators of the colours you wear, and how to use colour combinations to look taller and slimmer.

What a colour consultation entails:

  • You will be professionally draped to determine your best  range of colours in their depths and intensities
  • You will receive a fully individualized colour profile with advice on how to put it all together
  • You will learn  how to form your wardrobe basics using your best neutral colours and how to dress using colour to your advantage to flatter your body shape
  • Your personalised colour swatch has over 60 of your very best colours. You will be shown how to use this correctly when shopping
  • You get a  full make-up lesson and application techniques in your new colours with skin care advice including grooming tips and hair colouring advice
  • You will learn how to use the  psychology of colour in your dressing
  • You file contains comprehensive information on your best metals, eye-glass colours, accessories, investment pieces, how to colour your hair,  and ways to use colour in your dress to the best effect

Time: Allow   3.0  Hours

Your investment in you: $295

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