About Me

Have you ever walked into a dress-shop  shop and felt absolutely clueless about what you are going to buy ??? I decided to become an image consultant after such an experience. In the past I had felt  comfortable with my clothing choices but then I just wasn’t sure anymore. I was unsure about  colour and style  and how to dress a changing body shape, as my waist disappeared and joined up around my thigh area.

I did not want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb, but I still wanted to look stylish and modern. Other women I talked to felt the same and I wanted to help them.

With a work history in motivating and a love of fashion and clothes, I packed up my bags and headed for a training  programme in Canada where I embarked on a new career that has since transformed the way I view my world.

I realised very early in my business life that image matters , but more importantly the way you feel about your self, coupled with your attitude and approach to life, plays a huge part in determining how successful you are. These skills were transferable to my new industry and could be effectively incorporated into the services I now offer to my clients.

My work is my passion ,I love what I do. Sometimes it takes over my life and I  have to juggle time with a husband, five children and ten  grandchildren. I have to push myself to exercise; as you get older you have to stay fit and supple . very hard as the weather gets colder.  It is important to find time to just “be ” and that is the hardest for me.

I love my job my home, my family, my friends, my life. I feel I am really lucky, you can not ask for more than that.

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